Our Programmes

Greenville’s curriculum 

merges a solid academic foundation with sound early childhood practices. This combination allows for the well-rounded development of each child. Our curriculum is designed to incorporate the developmental objectives recommended by the Education Bureau. These objectives are: Physical Fitness and Health, Language Development, Early Mathematics, Science and Technology, Self and Society and Arts. We use comprehensive and excellent teaching resources to stimulate and quench children’s thirst for knowledge. We select books from international publishers to widen our students’ perspective of the world around them.

Medium of Instruction
We offer two programmes: the Bi-Lingual Immersion programme which is taught in English and Putonghua and the Mainstream Learning programme which is taught in Cantonese with English and Putonghua taught as language subjects.

Curriculum Design
In addition to using an enhanced standard kindergarten programme, our multi-faceted learning approach incorporates science, foundation level Information Technology, social and cultural awareness and strong language acquisition.

Small Group Learning Programmes
Our successful small group learning programmes include our unique English theme learning programme, Just English Plus and Foundation Level Pin Yin courses. Young learners are immersed in a complete language environment, encouraging and promoting children’s self-confidence in using English and Putonghua naturally. The comfortable and reassuring atmosphere is conducive to successful language acquisition.

Activities to Support Integrated Learning

Classroom learning
~ English, Putonghua and Cantonese language learning

School Outings
~ Student outings are scheduled to complement themes being taught. Students use these visits to investigate and research the theme being studied.

Participation in Social Visits
~ Visits are aimed to promote children’s sense of responsibility and develop a correct social attitude. This element of learning borrows itself from Liberal Studies.

Chinese Theme Learning activities and a leveled English Reading programme are available to children at home through the internet with their personal school-provided password.

Special Interest Learning Elements to Complement Integrated Learning

Complimentary small group computer learning. Each student is given a personalized password for use at home and at school.

Student and Family Design Competitions

Student and Family School Library programme

Story Telling & Listening groups

Putonghua Learning through Songs and Rhymes

Children’s Foundation Level Gymnastics

Parent Workshops

Parent activities are organized to promote parents’ involvement in their child’s learning. Parental participation improves the communication and level of communication between parents and 


, building trust and mutual respect.