About Us

Greenville’s learning programmes

are formulated by our Curriculum Planning Team. Our team of dedicated and experienced educators draws from the latest international and local educational developments. The team continually evaluates and updates the curriculum to ensure its suitability for our students. The ongoing refinement of the curriculum guarantees that our school is kept up to date of effective teaching programmes. Our team of trained and qualified educators possess the expertise to adapt the curriculum to accommodate individual abilities, making learning meaningful for all. Children are afforded the opportunities to learn self-discipline, sharing, compassion, tolerance and acceptance of differing views and ultimately, respect for people and things around them. Children flourish in our loving and nurturing school.

Children’s early years (ages 2 to 5) are known as the ‘golden period’ for language acquisition. We, therefore, offer a strong language programme. The bi-lingual immersion programme focuses on the acquisition of English and Putonghua and the mainstream learning programme emphasizes the learning of Cantonese, English and Putonghua. This language environment develops strong language communication skills for every





, learning is multi-dimensional. We are child centred and focused on the all-rounded development of our students. Our programmes improve children’s knowledge and social awareness whilst strengthening their communicative and social skills. Children will be able to assimilate what they have learnt to bolster their self-confidence and communication skills when interacting in our multi-cultural society. We also promote children’s awareness of self-reflection and their sense of responsibility.

To make learning fun and fresh for our students, we introduce new learning components to our programme every year. Some of these components are LOGICO, ‘Green Education’ through the use of National Geographic’s Young Explorer magazine, Gymnastics, Information Technology, Cookery, Integrated Art Activities and Just English Plus (JEP).

We value the close co-operation we share with our students’ parents. With parents direct input and open lines of communication, we work collaboratively to discover improved methods to aid our students growth. By working together as partners, we witness the positive effects this relationship has on the overall development of our students.