About Us

We dedicate ourselves to establishing a positive learning foundation and direction for our little ones while sharing and respecting different cultures and backgrounds. We emphasize both the importance of providing students with a solid learning foundation and producing happy and keen life-long learners.

Our professionally trained teachers are qualified early childhood facilitators and holders of recognized university degrees. We employ Native English Teachers and Native Putonghua Teachers who possess relevant Language Proficiency Qualifications. Our teachers are passionate educators who love children and treat them with respect and affection while imparting on them an abundance of knowledge.


fosters an all-rounded development of students through the child initiated project approach method of teaching.

Our learning programmes are flexible and teachers are trained to accommodate learning differences amongst students. We strive to instill in our students important values and learning skills.


Kids have strong communication and social skills. They are self-disciplined, compassionate and respectful of self, others and the environment. They love learning and are self-confident. They use critical thinking skills to solve problems on their own. Ultimately, we prepare our students to become positive and responsible ‘world citizens’ of the 21st century.

At Greenville, we believe that:

"A child’s journey to learning begins with praise."

"School is where a child’s learning develops."

"Parental support and care are the most important learning tools for a child."